How to determine why Google Chrome is using a lot of memory or CPU

How To Locate Google Chrome Plugin that’s wasting your CPU and Memory.


Unfortunately, it has become very common to find malicious Chrome extensions or poorly designed extensions that causes Google Chrome to use up a lot of CPU and/or memory on a computer. This can cause a lot of problems.

When this occurs, and you take a look in the Windows Task Manager you will see that chrome os going nuts, as seen as below

Task Manager

Butt dont worry..

Google knows this and they build a “Task Manager” inside Chrome, where u can see how much CPU and Memory the extensions are using.

To open the Google Task Manager, first click on the Settings button Chrome dots, then select More Tools, and than click on Task Manager as shown down here.



When the Task Manager opens it will display a list of all open Tabs, Extensions, and processes being used by Google Chrome.

For each entry there will be information like CPU being used, the amount of memory in use, its process ID, and even the network activity.


now u can locate the plugin that’s wasting your CPU and Mem. kill it and/pre remove it

Go to chrome://extensions/ and remove all the bad plugins.



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