Repair Exchange databases with dirty shutdown using ESEUTIL

Using ESEUTIL to repair Exchange databases with dirty shutdown state.

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“Make sure u Always have a backup of the Database”


check of the database has a dirty shutdown  eseutil.exe /mh e:\Database\Location\ICTToolBoxEDB.edb

Use the ESEUTIL and ISInteg command combination as below:

  • Run Eseutil/p e:\Database\Location\ICTToolBoxEDB.edb to repair the database file
  • Click Yes on any warning signs that pop up
  • Once the repair process completes, the database should be marked to be in “clean shutdown” state
  • Run Eseutil/d e:\Database\Location\ICTToolBoxEDB.edb on the repair store
  • Mount the database and then dismount it
  • Then run isinteg –s Server Name –test –alltests –fix on the store till it reports no errors


* if mounting the database still doesn’t work cut and past the log folder from your database folder to an other location and try again.

* e:\Database\Location\ICTToolBoxEDB.edb is a example location

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